2020 Allianz National Football League – Division One – Fixtures and Plans.

So it’s 2020, a new decade is upon us and it’s good to be back!  Happy New Year to all Mayo Supporters around the world.

Below is the list of fixtures that Mayo will play in Division One of the 2020 Allianz National Football League:

(A)-ROUND 1: Donegal v Mayo, MacCumhaill Park, Ballybofey, Saturday, 25th January, 7.15pm.

(H)-ROUND 2: Mayo v Dublin, MacHale Park, Saturday, 1st February, 7pm.

(A)-ROUND 3: Meath v Mayo, Páirc Tailteann, Navan, Sunday 9th February, 2pm.

(A)-ROUND 4: Monaghan v Mayo, St Tiernach’s Park, Clones, Sunday 23rd February, 2pm.

(H)-ROUND 5: Mayo v Kerry, MacHale Park, Saturday 29th February, 7.15pm.

(A)-ROUND 6: Galway v Mayo, Pearse Stadium, Sunday 15th March, 2pm.

(H)-ROUND 7: Mayo v Tyrone, MacHale Park, Sunday 22nd March, 2pm.

As we said last year, securing Division One status is huge, in order to be competitive at the business end of the Championship, we need to be playing top flight football.

For the home league fixtures this year, we’ll be placing a number of banners / flags on the fence at the front of the Albany End of the ground. Flags/ banners don’t make noise, however they create a bit of colour and make the stadium more green and red so to speak. If you have any flags and banners that you want to use, why not bring them along to the Albany End. The more there are, the better the display will be. We will supply the tape / string if your flag requires some. For away fixtures, we’ll pick an end of the ground and display banners / flags there.

If you have any suggestions on how the atmosphere can be improved at home and away games, send us a message or pop down to us at the Albany End during the home League games.

Other News:

In the coming weeks we will be running a supporters competition on our social media pages. There will be some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Please follow us on Twitter for further updates.

For Championship 2020, we will be running a campaign encouraging supporters to ‘Bring Back The Flags’. We will be running a competition for supporters that bring along flags /  banners to a Championship game during the summer of 2020. A prize will be given for the most original and best designed flag / banner. For our championship games, we will be gathering on a designated terrace for the duration of a game. The plan and locations will be posted here and on Twitter before the game. We will have roughly ten green and red flags of different sizes to give out to supporters to use during the game. The flags can be returned to us after the game or can be kept for future games. The idea is to get like-minded supporters together on the terraces cheering our team on.

Thanks for taking the time to read and UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club, 22/01/2020.



2019 Championship Season – Thank you.

2019, it has been an interesting and exciting year from a Mayo GAA supporter’s point of view. Highs, lows, delight and agony, it had it all.  This was the first year of James Horan’s second stint in charge. From the outset, this was described as a four year plan to deliver an All Ireland title to Mayo. Compared to last year, this year can only be seen as a massive success. If you told any Mayo supporter after that infamous evening in Newbridge in June 2018 that we’d win the league, get to an All Ireland Semi Final and blood a large number of talented young footballers, you’d have happily settled for that as an outcome for 2019.

There is no doubt that we can compete in Semi Finals and Finals in the years ahead. Back in 2011, we had a remarkable run to the All Ireland Semi Final with a team of youth and experience. Ultimately, that team fell short of Kerry in the Semi Final by nine points. That game showed the younger players within the panel what it takes to compete with and beat the best. The following summer we went one step further and got to the All Ireland Final. The moral or the story is, sometimes you have to take a beating before you find your full flow, this may well be the case with what happened last Saturday against Dublin.

In order to have a prolonged Championship season next year, it is vitally important that Mayo take the front door route. Winning Connacht is essential as the winners would avoid Dublin / Kerry in the Super 8’s. This year we played seven games in eight weeks, that is simply not sustainable in the long run. Injuries and fatigue played a massive part in Saturday’s result, Dublin, who were brilliant, were fresh and could up the gears as and when it was needed. We had to go to the wall the previous week to beat Donegal in Castlebar, exerting huge amounts of energy. The following day, Dublin had a game against Tyrone in which they rested a huge number of their stars. The GAA need to look at their calendar and give a two week break to teams after the final round of the Super 8s. There is a two week break between the Hurling Quarter Finals and Semi Finals, why is this not the case for the Footballers?

Thank you to the panel, management, county board and all involved in MacHale Park for their work throughout the year.

If players retire from the panel this year, we can never be thankful enough to them for all their hard work and dedication they have put in through their footballing careers. Some people from the outside may sneer and joke, however you can hold your heads up high knowing you gave everything for the green and red. Thank you.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved with MISC during the year. From bringing flags and banners to games, to helping holding up some of our flags, you played your part. There seemed to be an increase in flags and banners as the year went on, let’s keep this up for the years ahead. A special word of thanks to the stewards in MacHale Park who let us hang our banners at the games.

We’ll have another competition in due course, it will more than likely be before the start of the FBD League in January 2020. Keep an eye on the social media pages for details.

Roll on January 2020! Keep the faith, UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 13/08/2019.cropped-misc-logo.gif

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship –Semi Final– Mayo V Dublin, Croke Park – Saturday 10th of August 2019 @ 17:00pm. (Preceded by Mayo V Cork, All Ireland Minor Football Championship Semi Final – @15:00pm).

For the eighth time in nine years, Mayo will contest an All Ireland Senior Football Championship Semi Final. This year’s instalment will once again be against Dublin, a team and county we do not need any introduction to. As you all know by now, Dublin have had the upper hand in most of those games, winning by small margins after Titanic struggles. Dublin are now going for five All Ireland Senior Football titles in a row, a feat that has never been achieved before. There is now massive pressure and expectancy on this Dublin team to deliver, both from those inside and outside their county. This weekend presents their first ‘knockout’ game of the year and most pundits and supporters expect the Dublin machine to march on without too much trouble, after all, Mayo are gone, aren’t they?

You can never write off this Mayo team. According to some, we should have been knocked out in June, but we battled and fought on with a depleted squad, sometimes just falling over the line. This team have a huge hunger and a serious belief in what they do. On Saturday, we as supporters need to back this team from the word go, just as we did in Castlebar last weekend, we firmly believe that the blue machine can be stopped on Saturday, we have total faith and belief, let’s show that in the stands and terraces of Croke Park.

For this game, we’ll be setting up shop on the Nally Terrace of Croke Park. We will be located in the central section of the terrace, underneath the TV gantry. We would encourage as many Mayo supporters as possible to congregate in this section of the terrace. (See picture below). To get entry to this section of the terrace, enter via turnstiles H2 and H3, these are located off Jones’ Road. Once inside, make your way along to the central section behind the goal at the back, just under the TV gantry.

If you have tickets for the Hill 16 side of the terrace, we would encourage as many Mayo supporters as possible to congregate under the TV gantry beside the Nally Terrace. In order to access this part of the terrace, enter via turnstiles L1 – L7. (Off St. Joseph’s Avenue). This will give you access to the central parts of the terrace, (B1 – B4). Once inside make your way over to the dividing line between the two terraces, we will be gathering up at the back, straight behind the goal.

It is important for all Mayo supporters who have a ticket for Hill 16 / The Nally Terrace to stick together in one large group. In the past, we have been present in large numbers on the Hill / Nally, however we have not stuck together, thus meaning that our colour / sound has been drowned out. It is important that we stick together because it will create a greater sea of green and red as well as it being easier for chants / songs to start.

Our advice for all Mayo supporters who have tickets to the terraces is to meet at this point between 2:30pm and 2:45pm on Saturday. We need to get in early and cheer on our Minor Team.

In addition to this, no matter what part of Croke Park you may be in, please bring your banners, flags and voices, let’s once again back our teams from the beginning to the end.

(A message to Dublin supporters who may read this: This is not intended as a ‘fill the hill’ campaign or a tool to cause animosity among supporters, the aim of this is to gather all Mayo supporters who have a ticket for the terraces together so that we can cheer our teams on in the best way we can. Enjoy the game, may the best team win and here’s to more great banter and fun between our two great counties).

Finally, safe travel to all supporters heading to the game. Get there safely!

Keep the faith, UP MAYO!

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2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Super Eights – Group One – Game Three – Mayo V Donegal, MacHale Park, Castlebar – Saturday 03rd of August 2019 @ 18:00pm.

The big one, Mayo V Donegal in a knock-out All Ireland Quarter Final in MacHale Park on Saturday evening. The prize at stake is a place in an All Ireland Semi Final on the 10th of August. If you told any Mayo supporter that this was the prize on offer after the loss to Roscommon in May, they would have taken your arm off. It’s days like this that supporters live for, we need to make our presence count on Saturday and roar this team over the line.

Donegal will provide formidable opposition on Saturday. They have just done back to back Ulster titles and are playing some very good football. They, as you all know have Stephen Rochford as their coach, he will know everything about these Mayo players, but these Mayo players will know a lot about his tactics / style of play. An intriguing battle awaits us.

From a supporter’s point of view, we need to be at the top of our game on Saturday. We need to show our players and their opposition that our home is a cauldron of colour and noise. Donegal supporters will travel in numbers and will bring great colour with them. We need to take our level of support to the next level.

-If you own a flag / banner, bring it along, it will add to the colour and spectacle of the occasion. The flag is no good left in the attic / shed.

-Wear green and red if you can, this will also add to the spectacle.

-Shout / roar / sing – not just when the team are playing well, we need to get behind our team at all times especially when things are going against us. Never underestimate what a loud and vocal support can do for a team, several Mayo players in the past have referenced this. Bring your voices!

For this game we will be setting up shop on the Albany End of MacHale Park. Our banners will be tied up at the back of the terrace near the stand. If you have banners / flags of your own, please bring them along to add to the colour. We will also be bringing along Nephin Mor to this game for its first outing since the Tipperary game last year. We will surf it from the back to the front of the Albany End terrace before the game starts. The flag will be put away well in advance of the throw in, so rest assured it won’t block your view of the action. If you wish to get involved in holding it up, please make your way to the Albany end at 5:20pm. We will need a lot of hands to hold it up so all help will be greatly appreciated.


Finally safe travel to all supporters heading to the game. Get there safely!

Keep the faith, UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 29/07/2019.

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Super Eights – Group One – Game Two – Mayo V Meath, Croke Park, Dublin – Sunday 21st of July 2019 @ 14:00pm.

Following Mayo’s sobering defeat to Kerry last Sunday in Killarney, we must now dust ourselves off and get back in the game against our old friends from the Royal County on Sunday in Croke Park. This will be the first time we have played Meath in any competition since 2009, that day they beat us by three points in an All Ireland Quarter Final. We have not beaten Meath since the famous All Ireland win of 1951, that is simply too long ago.

Sunday is a must win game for us. The level of performance last Sunday in Killarney would not win too many football matches. We need to up the intensity, both on the pitch and in the stands. This team will need us there more than ever, we need to be loud and proud and show the that we still believe in them. If you have flags and banners, please bring them to Croke Park, the more colour that there is the better the spectacle will be.

Keep the faith, UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 19/07/2019.

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Super Eights – Group One – Game One – Mayo V Kerry, Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney – Sunday 14th of July 2019 @ 16:00pm.

After negotiating three perilous rounds of the All Ireland Qualifiers, Mayo face a trip to Killarney to take on Kerry in the first round of the Super Eights. The Super Eights are new territory for the Mayo team and its supporters. Playing Kerry away in Killarney in the first round is what Championship football is all about. These are the types of days that we longed for when we were knocked out early last year.  There will be a massive crowd in Killarney on Sunday, in the region of 30,000 are expected to attend. Kerry and their supporters will be well up for this game, they will want to banish memories of their poor start to the Super Eights last year as well as losing to us twice already in 2019. They don’t lack motivation and neither should we.

Mayo supporters will need to be colourful and vocal on Sunday, between 10,000 and 15,000 are expected to travel south for this game. We need to stick together in the stands and terraces, let’s back the lads on the pitch from the moment they emerge from the dressing room to the moment the game is over. Wear green and red if you can and if you have a flag or banner, bring it along, they will all add to the vista of green and red on Sunday. For those of you who want to be vocal and colourful on the terraces, we will be gathering underneath the press box and above the tunnel on the Lewis Road Terrace. Entrance to this terrace can be gained through the turnstiles along Lewis Road. We will have a number of flags and banners on display for the duration of the game. We will also surf a large replica Mayo jersey over this area of the terrace before the game begins. We will also have a number of waving flags to give out to people who wish to get involved. If you or people you know want to get involved, spread the word and tell them to meet up at this location.

Finally, safe travel to all heading to Killarney. Get there safely and if you are travelling down on Sunday morning, leave in plenty of time and watch out for traffic in the County Limerick towns of Adare, Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale. These towns are notorious bottlenecks, make sure you allow for plenty of time for your journey. UP MAYO!

Independent Supporters Club – 12/07/2019.

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Round Four Qualifier – Mayo V Galway, Gaelic Grounds, Limerick City, 06/07/2019 @ 19:00pm.

Well, here we are again, Round Four of the All Ireland Qualifiers. A familiar venue and a familiar rival. Galway, fresh from their loss of the Connacht Final against Roscommon, will face us in Limerick on Saturday evening. A crowd of about 20,000 people are expected to make the journey south to the Gaelic Grounds. Both stands will be open for this game, however the terraces will remain closed. For this game, we will be setting up shop at the back of the uncovered North Stand. We will have our flags and banners taped up at the back. We will also have a number of flags to give out to people who wish to get involved. If you have flags of your own, bring them along and let’s generate an atmosphere that gets out lads over the line. Up Mayo!


Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 05/07/2019.

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Round Three Qualifier – Mayo V Armagh, MacHale Park, Castlebar, County Mayo, 29/06/2019 @ 19:00pm.

Following Mayo’s Second Round Qualifier win over Down in Newry last Saturday, Mayo were drawn to face Armagh in Round Three of the All Ireland Qualifiers on Saturday evening in Castlebar. This is the first time since 1950 that both counties have played each other in the Championship, that particular match up was in an All Ireland Semi Final, we all know how that year ended! A good omen maybe?

On the injury front, we have had nothing but bad luck over the past few weeks. Losing Matthew Ruane was a big blow, but hearing the news about our captain Diarmuid O’Connor was an even bigger hit, both will more than likely miss the rest of the Championship should we progress. Best wishes to both in their recoveries.

Back to the football, Armagh will provide a very stiff challenge on Saturday, they are an up and coming team with a good set of players and management. They have lots of attacking talent and if we are not fully tuned in we will be dumped out of this years Championship, a better performance than what we seen in in Newry will be required to advance, I have no doubt that our lads will up their game to meet and pass the test.

Regarding support, a large crowd in the region of 15,000 – 20,000 is expected to attend on Saturday evening. Every supporter must play their part in helping the team get over the line, be seen, be colourful and be heard! If you have flags and banners of your own, please bring them along, they will add to the occasion. We will have our usual flags on the Bacon Factory End. Nephin Mor will also make an appearance, weather permitting. It is hoped to unveil the flag prior to the game starting as the team comes out. If you see it on the terrace, feel free to come along and help hold it up.

Keep the faith, Up Mayo!


Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 28/06/2019.

2019 Championship – All Ireland Senior Football Championship – Round Two Qualifier – Down V Mayo, Pairc Esler, Newry, County Down, 22/06/2019 @ 19:00pm.

Well, here we are again, the familiar territory of the All Ireland Qualifiers. It seems like an eternity since we played Roscommon in the Connacht Semi Final. A lot of talk and rumours have passed under the bridge since that depressing, damp evening in Castlebar. It’s high time that the football action took centre stage again. The qualifier draw pitted us against Down, a county that is famed for its footballing tradition. We have played Down only once before in Championship Football, this was all the way back in 2012, where we beat them in Croke Park at the All Ireland Quarter Final stage. They have since fallen down the football food chain and now reside in Division Three. They however should be respected as they have some good and skilful footballers. It’s potentially a dangerous banana skin for Mayo, one that the players, management and supporters should be more than tuned in for.

Newry, as has been well documented over the past number of days, is a long way from Mayo. If you are travelling up, make sure to leave in plenty of time and drive safely. The best route from Mayo is to drive to Dublin and take the M1 north, this may be long, but is the best route. Parking can be got for free in The Quays Shopping Centre carpark as well as the Buttercrane Shopping Centre carpark. Hold on to your match ticket / programme to validate your free use of the carpark. Please note that the gates of the carparks close at 9pm.

Regarding the match, we will be setting up base in the Warrenpoint Road End Terrace, this is the first terrace that you will see as you enter the ground. We will have our usual flags tied up at the front and back of the terrace. We will also have a number of waving flags to give out to people who wish to get involved. If you have flags / banners of your own, please bring them along, it will add to the noise and colour of the occasion. The numbers of travelling Mayo supporters are expected to be reduced for this game, so each supporter must play their part in helping the team get over the line.


Keep the faith, Up Mayo!


Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 21/06/2019.

2019 Championship – Connacht Senior Football Championship – Semi Final – Mayo V Roscommon, MacHale Park, Castlebar, Saturday 25/05/2019, 19:00pm. (Game Two).

It has been an eventful and successful start to 2019 so far. National Football League Champions for the 12th time and a winning trip to New York City. Firstly, well done to all that travelled over to New York at the start of the month. It was a trip that will never be forgotten for many. The game itself may have been a non-event, but the Mayo Supporters made it a weekend that will be talked about for a long time to come. Well done to those that organised events over there, not least the gathering in Times Square on the eve of the game. The green and red army brought the crossroads of the world to a halt, not many sets of supporters can claim to have done that!

Our next challenge sees us face our old foes and neighbours Roscommon in MacHale Park on Saturday evening the 25th of May 2019. Throw in for this game is at 7pm. This will be a tough game, one that both the team and supporters can’t take for granted, rest assured, Roscommon will meet us at 100mph on Saturday evening. We must be ready.

For this game, we’ll have our flags and banners at the Bacon Factory End of MacHale Park. We are hoping to bring all our usual banners that we had at the League during 2019. In addition to these banners, we will have a number of large waving flags to give out to supporters who want to take part in the display of colour before the game. These flags will be available for collection under the scoreboard at the Bacon Factory End before the team emerges onto the field. The idea is to have a number of these large waving flags on display as the team comes out onto the field as well as during the parade. Once the parade is over, these flags must be returned to the back of the terrace so that they do not block any spectator’s view of the game. These flags will be large and require a bit of strength to wave. If you are interested in joining in, please send us a message on Twitter / Facebook or email us at mayoisc2016@gmail.com

This game will be proceeded by the Mayo V Leitrim Connacht Junior Football Championship Semi Final at 16:30pm and the Connacht U20 Football League at 15:00pm between Mayo and Roscommon. It promises to be an action packed evening. Get there safely and UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club – 21/05/2019.