M.I.S.C. Newsletter and Future Contact Information.

As we all know, not everyone out there uses Twitter and checks the website to follow our updates and plans.  We would like to stay in touch with everyone out there who wishes to get involved with the club but does not use Twitter etc. In order to do this, we would like everyone who wishes to get involved with the club to forward us their email address so that we can send them up to date information about our plans before a Mayo game. Don’t worry, we won’t fill your email inboxes with endless rubbish. We will also never pass your email address to a third party. You will get one email in advance of every Mayo game that we plan to meet up at and organise a display of colour at. The email will outline where we will be meeting within the ground, at what time we will be meeting and what the plan of action for the display is, for example what flags we will be bringing as well as where we will be hanging / displaying them.

As discussed before, the first outing for the club will be Mayo’s second game, either a Connacht Semi Final versus Galway or a shot into the unknown in the qualifiers. Before this game, we will send out an email / newsletter to all those that are interested outlining the club’s plans. This information will also be posted on twitter as well as the website. To get in touch, send us an email at mayoisc2016@gmail.com or send us a direct message on Twitter. Thank you.

Mayo Independent Supporters Club 17/05/2017.cropped-misc-logo1.gif

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