Statement – Club Plans – V Derry, MacHale Park, Castlebar, 01/07/2017, @17:00pm.

Hi folks. As we all know by this stage, Mayo will play Derry in round 2A of the All Ireland Qualifiers this Saturday, 01/07/2017 with a 5pm throw in at Elverys MacHale Park. We need to get behind our team more than ever on Saturday evening, they more than deserve our support. The Galway game was a setback, however we now find ourselves back where we were this time last year and we all know where that led us to in September.  We must remain positive, the ability and desire is still there in this team.

With regard to our plans for Saturday’s game, we will be setting up shop on the Bacon Factory End, (North Terrace for those that prefer it called that), underneath the scoreboard. We will need some volunteers to wave flags before and during the game, so please feel free to contact us in advance if you wish to take part in the display. Please note that the flags must be returned to the club after the game so that we can use them for games down the road.  Nephin Mor will also be in attendance and it is hoped that she will do her rounds before the game starts.

We would encourage as many Mayo fans as possible to bring flags to the game. As well as this, don’t forget to bring your voices. Let’s all together create an atmosphere that will lift our players out on the pitch and carry them over the line to victory.

Finally, safe travel to all fans attending the game and UP MAYO!

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UPDATE – Statement – Club Plans – V Galway, Pearse Stadium, Salthill, 11/06/2017.

Hi folks. As stated before on this website and on other social media outlets, we had planned to take along our giant surfer flag to Pearse Stadium on Sunday to support the Mayo team. We had planned to display the flag before the game on the Rockbarton Road terrace. In the past week or so we have received nasty and threatening messages from small elements of the Galway Support. (We must reiterate that it is only a small element of their support). We have received threats from some Galway Fans that the flag will be ripped to pieces / burned if it is unfurled on Sunday. As a group, the health and safety of fellow fans on both sides attending the game on Sunday is of upmost importance. The flag is fully fireproofed, however if some ‘supporters’ did decide to cause damage to it by trying to burn it, the likelihood is there to cause injuries.

We set up this club with good intentions, to gather Mayo supporters together on the terraces and cheer their team on with the use of flags and banners. To some, this may seem stupid and annoying, however all supporters are different – some sit in silence and others watch while roaring the roof down. We purchased this flag with the aim that it would be a focal point for all Mayo Supporters to gather together united and support their team.

As a result of these threats and nasty messages, we have decided to hold the giant flag in reserve until the next game. The rest of our plans will go ahead on Sunday afternoon as per our previous post. We will instead be bringing smaller flags along. In addition to this, we will also be bringing an extra number of smaller banners that we will tie up before the game. If you have banners and flags of your own, please feel free to bring them along.

As we know from the positive messages we have being receiving, a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing the giant flag on Sunday. We can only sincerely apologise to you that it won’t be there. We had fully intended to bring this flag along to support our team, however our plans have had to change due to the threats of a few small minded individuals. The flag will make an appearance at the next Mayo game and it is intended that it will become a regular fixture at home league and championship games.

In addition to this, some people out there think we are an ‘Ultras Group’. We most certainly are not. Ultras for the most part have other agendas apart from sport, such as violence and political ideologies. We are simply a supporters club. All we care about is supporting our team on the pitch, nothing more and nothing less. As stated in the about section on this website, under no circumstances will anti-social behaviour be tolerated by the club, before, during or after a match.

We would like to wish everyone who is attending the Mayo game safe travel to and from Salthill. We would also like to extend our best wishes to both the Mayo Senior and Under 17 teams who will take to the field on Sunday.

Up Mayo!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club, 09/06/2017.