Statement – Club Plans – V Roscommon, Croke Park, Dublin, 30/07/2017, @16:00pm.

Hi folks. Hopefully your heart rates have returned to normal after last Saturday’s rollercoaster game versus Cork. Following that result and Galway’s win over Donegal, Mayo will now play new Connacht champions Roscommon in the All Ireland Quarter Final on Sunday, 30/07/2017 at 16:00pm in Croke Park.

Before I write anything about the next game, I would just like to compliment all of the Mayo supporters who were in Limerick on Saturday evening. You were loud and proud, especially when things were not looking too good on the pitch. The fans let their team know that we are always behind them, no matter what obstacle is in front of us. We will need more of the same the next day, colour, flags and noise, do not be afraid, lets roar our team over the line, they deserve it.

Now onto the next game versus Roscommon. The throw in for this game is at 4pm. This will be proceeded by Kerry V Galway in the first of this years All Ireland Quarter Finals, throw in for that one is at 2pm. Tickets are now available from the usual outlets.  For this game, we intend to set up shop on Hill 16. Due to Croke Park’s new strict health and safety rules, we will not be bringing along Nephin Mor to this game. We apologise for this, we would love to bring it along, but rules are rules and unfortunately we can’t change them. We will have a number of smaller banners and flags at the game, so keep an eye out for those.

An important piece of information for all fans heading to Croke Park on Sunday is the fact that Croke Park have tightened their security rules about what you can bring into the stadium. Please only take what you have to, as Croke Park stewards will be carrying out searches as you enter the stadium. Please also take note of the bags rule, they will only let in bags that are smaller than an A4 piece of paper. The full list of rules is here:

Finally, safe travel to all fans attending the game and UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club, 25/07/2017.


Statement – Club Plans – V Cork, Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, 22/07/2017, @17:00pm.

Hi folks. Apologies for the slightly later than normal post. Following our Round 3A win over Clare in Ennis on the 8th of July, Mayo will now head to Limerick to play Cork in Round 4A of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship. The throw in for this game is at 5pm. This game will be proceeded by Leitrim V Kerry in the All Ireland Junior Football Championship Semi Final. The throw in for the curtain raiser is 3pm. Tickets are on sale from the usual outlets. Due to the size of the Gaelic Grounds, (49,000 capacity), only the Mackey Stand and the North Stand are open for spectators. The Clare End Terrace and the City End Terrace will not be open for this match. The Mackey Stand is the covered stand at the Gaelic Grounds and runs parallel with the Ennis Road. The North Stand is uncovered and access to this is from Parkview Drive. Seats in both stands for this game are unreserved, so if you want a good spot, the advice is to get in early as a crowd of about 15,000 is expected.

As the terrace is not open for this match, we will be gathering in section 219 of the uncovered North Stand. As this stand has bucket seats, we are not sure if we will be able to bring along Nephin Mor as it is much harder to get it unfurled in the stand rather than on the terrace. We’ll decide on the day if we’ll unfurl it or not, depending on a number of factors.

Because of this, we will  bring more hand held flags to Limerick. We will have a number of flags of various sizes to give out before the game, so if you want one, please make yourself known. (We will need these back after the game as they will be used for the next game, whenever that may be). For those of you that already have flags and banners, please bring them along as they will add lots of colour to the occasion.

Finally, safe travel to all fans attending the game and UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club, 19/07/2017.


Statement – Club Plans – V Clare, Cusack Park, Ennis, County Clare, 08/07/2017, @17:00pm.

Hi folks. Following our extra time win over Derry last Saturday, Mayo will now move on to play Clare in Round 3A of the All Ireland Football Qualifiers. The game will take place in Cusack Park Ennis and will throw in at 5pm.

Cusack Park is a small and compact stadium. Its current capacity is set at 14,864 by the Health and Safety Authorities. (We would recommend that you get your tickets in advance of this game as we cannot say whether tickets will be available on the day or not). The stand holds roughly 2000 people and some of this is uncovered. Across from the stand there is a covered terrace which runs the full length of the field. Behind each goal there is an uncovered terrace, namely the Scoreboard End / Aldi End and the Town End.

We’ll be gathering in the Town End Terrace of the stadium. We will have our flags there and for this game we will have a number of flags to give out to supporters who wish to take part in the display of colour. (The flags have to be returned after the game so that they can be used for the next game, whenever that is). Nephin Mor will also be making an appearance before the game so please feel free to get involved and show our lads on the pitch that we are behind them all the way, no matter what.

We would just like to thank all of the Mayo fans who helped out with the big flag on Saturday. It was much appreciated. The support for the team on Saturday was brilliant, especially when nothing seemed to go right on the pitch. The Mayo fans stood up in all parts of the ground and showed that we are very much behind this team. Well done to all, now let’s raise the decibel and colour levels in Ennis on Saturday.

Finally, safe travel to all fans attending the game and UP MAYO!

Mayo Independent Supporters Club, 05/07/2017.