2018 Championship Season – Thank You.

Well, that ended a lot sooner than we all had hoped. Our Championship dreams and aspirations came crashing down around us on a warm June evening in Newbridge. Kildare, to their credit deserved the win and the very best of luck to them for the rest of the Championship. They won the battle off the field during the week and they also won the war on it on Saturday evening. As for ourselves, where to from here? Some have already written the obituaries and sent the flowers, but those following this team know deep down that this is far from the end. Why? We’ve shown year after year that we come back from our setbacks, however this year our setbacks happened much earlier than normal. Our almost annual setback since 2011 usually took the form of a Titanic struggle defeat to Dublin/Kerry/Donegal in All Ireland Finals and Semi Finals. This year our setbacks took the form of some very unfortunate and serious injuries from the start of the season right up until its earlier than normal conclusion. These injuries were always going to take its toll going forward. When you are without four or five of the team that came so close to ending the famine last year, this season was always going to be a struggle. Add this in with the mileage built up in the legs and the mental fatigue from the last seven seasons, the writing was on the wall unfortunately.

But it’s not the end. No way. This could be the best thing to happen to this Mayo team. They can now sit back, relax and enjoy the summer for once. They’ll return to their clubs where their love of football was developed and look towards the future without the pressures of intercounty football for the next two months or so. Some say this team is too old, but if you look at the age profile it isn’t actually that bad at all, there is still much more to give. I have no doubt that they’ll return in 2019 fresher and in better condition than ever before. The dream is not over; it’s just put on hold.

Thank you to the panel, management and county board for their work throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who got involved with MISC during the year. To bringing flags and helping holding up the big flag you played your part. There seemed to be an increase in flags and banners as the year went on, let’s keep this up for the years ahead. We’ll have another competition in due course, so keep an eye on the social media pages for details.

In terms of football action, the year is far from over. Our Under 20 side will contest the All Ireland Semi Final against Derry on the 14th/15th of July. Our Senior Ladies are also involved in their Championship. They will be looking to go one step further than last year. The club leagues and championships in all grades will also heat up nicely. Lots to look forward to.

Up Mayo! Roll on January 2019!